EBELE CHIOMA & Company specializes in building transformative lifestyle consumer brands and service centers within the health, food and beauty niche.

Manufacturing & Organics

Our 100% natural wellness and beauty products are sourced and formulated using clean, wholesome and cutting-edge ingredients. We take pride in formulations that are free of GMO’s and manufactured without excipients or artificial ingredients. By blending ancient healing practices with science backed research, we are able to develop effective solutions for our customers.

Our Mantras:

  • The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations -Revelations 22:2
  • Health is the real wealth – Mahatma Gandhi
  • Food is medicine- Hippocrates
  • Prevention is better than cure

The company was started in 2014 with the launch of nutraceutical brand, LadiesBalance by Ebele Okocha. She’d identified a gap in the market for young women like herself seeking natural solutions to common female problems with natural products made without fillers, binders, flow agents and other artificial additives that were commonly found in many products on the store shelves.

With her background in Esthetics and studies in Herbal Medicine, she understood that promoting health and beauty had to come from a holistic approach.

That led to a partnership with leading vegetarian foods manufacturer, Ayurvedic practitioner, chemists and food technologist led to develop bestselling Asana LadiesBalance.

Presently at EBELE CHIOMA & Company, we continue to expand our product range to accommodate the needs of our customers. Learn more about our companies.

Wellness & Esthetic Centers

Our full service service wellness spa, hormone weight loss centers are equipped with state of art technologies to help our clients achieve their wellness, fitness and beauty goals. Learn more about our cosmetic centers. 

Sourcing & Exports

Our sourcing services are designed to connect our buying partners with the best local African producers at competitive prices. The goal is to promote distribution of authentic products and support economic mobility in the local communities. Learn more about our sourcing services. 

our committment

Our ingredients are sourced from small and large farms around the world. We work with herbalists, food biochemists, clinical nutritionists and master tea blenders to develop our proprietary formulas.

Our products are manufactured in small batches and not mass produced which means high quality and distinctive blends unlike many of the products found on grocery store shelves today. What that means is that you get freshly made products that maintain the integrity of their nutrients.

We are extremely selective when it comes to the manufacturers we work with and seek artisans who are extremely passionate about their trade. We look for partners who support sustainable business practices, support local producers and strive to work with grassroots, fair trade suppliers. As women and with roots in West Africa, we are deeply connected to the mission of fair wages, women’s empowerment and economic promotion efforts in developing nations.