Africa to the World is a for profit initiative focused on harnessing marketable resources from the African Continent for the purpose of driving economic growth and development to local African communities. The mission is the cultivation, promotion and distribution of natural resources, talents and African made goods on a global scale.

Our intentions are to organize efforts that create jobs, preserves and efficiently utilize our natural resources and enhance the welfare of the people in which we serve.

the project

Our initiatives begin with the brand, BeautyMadeFresh, a supplier of pure, unrefined African Shea Butter. Shea Butter is a widely used, versatile butter sourced from shea nut tree found in many African countries. With this initiative, our mission is to support local shea butter farmers and laborers. We aim to do this by organizing the production of shea butter, improving quality control measures and providing better systems, facilities and processes. All this in addition to providing high quality shea butter products to our end customers.

the team

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