BeautyMadeFresh- Authentic Shea Butter Range

BeautyMadeFresh sources and manufactures high quality shea butter for beauty and health needs. Shea butter is a rich, healing butter sourced from the shea nut tree and one of the richest moisturizing source on the planet.

Combining our formulation expertise with authentic shea butter we’ve developed a wide range of products for various functions and benefits including a men’s grooming line. From our yummy mango papaya to our coconut blended, we’re elevating shea butter to new heights.

Our 5- Star Shea Butter collection are unrefined, pure shea butter harvested from the driest region of the African savannah where shea nut trees blossom in abundance.

They are handcrafted without any artificial additives. We believe that the inherent vitamins in pure natural products are what makes them healing and powerful. 

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