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CHIOMA Nutrition is a cutting edge nutraceutical brand that serves to produce natural and clean formulations that enhance the well being, beauty and vitality of our customers. Our belief is that clean nutrition is the armor for good health and radiance therefore we focus on food based and botanical blends and limited use of manufacturing excipients and additives. 

We work with GMP certified laboratories to source premium quality ingredients and leading formulators to craft effective solutions.

Our best selling women’s herbal blend and multivitamin Asana LadiesBalance is a breakthrough formula combining inositol, folate, CoQ10, essential Omega 3 fatty acid and proprietary balancing herbal complex to support healthy balance and fertility.  

The CHIOMA Nutrition range is a complete selection of essential multivitamins, women’s supportive blends, functional superfoods, fitness and sports nutrition, herbal teas, energy formulas and personal care products. 

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