Quality Grade A Shea Butter for Wholesale

Shea Butter BeautyMadeFresh

The business of Shea Butter is booming and we can help you get started or grow your business! Shea butter is a highly versatile butter that can be used and sold as it or custom blended to make body butters, creams, hair products or candles. The beauty of Shea Butter lies in its inherent vitamins and its ultra healing and moisturizing benefits. It makes a superb ingredient in any body care formulation. We would love to hear about your Shea Butter project and partner with you as your supplier.

We have established partnerships with local Shea Butter producers and cultivators in diverse African regions. Currently we have Shea Butter processing factories in Ghana, Canada, New York and upcoming in Nigeria. We can source any type, quantity and even customized Shea Butter. We work directly with local farmers who have been passionately growing Shea Butter for years and deliver highest quality, Grade A, premium product.

There are numerous suppliers of Shea Butter in the market however the difference with our butters lie in the harvesting, filtrations and purification process. Through years of experience we have been able to work with our local farmers to develop a system for harvesting and producing Shea Butter to remove contaminants and impurities while retaining all the essential vitamins and healing properties of the butter. What you get is Shea Butter that is unbelievably soft, nutrient dense and your end users will love.

The farms we work with are locally owned by the natives of the land to ensure that we are employing fair wage practices to support the local African economy.

If you’re interested in wholesale Shea Butter, complete the form below and we will get in touch. Please note this is for wholesale or bulk Shea Butter. If you are seeking Shea butter for personal use, you can order our Shea Butter from www.beautymadefresh.com.